ZiG Enforcement Service responds to the growing needs and demands of creditors who ask for full and in due time realization of their rights, as well as transparency in relation to the debtor's property that is subject to enforcement. ZiG Enforcement Service offers a package of professional services to address all your needs and concerns. Specialized lawyers that are part of our staff bring along their expertise in all aspects of the enforcement procedure. As a result of the excellent services, professional staff and client oriented approach, ZiG Enforcement Service has established a large base of clients throughout Albania.

ZiG Enforcement Service offers its services for the enforcement of court decisions and other enforceable acts as mentioned below:

  • Civil decisions of the court that have become irrevocable, decisions issued by them on securing the lawsuit, as well as on temporary enforcement;
  • Irrevocable criminal decisions in relation to the part dealing with property rights;
  • Decisions of arbitration courts of foreign countries that have been given effect in conformity with the provisions of the Civil Procedure Code;

ZiG Enforcement Service accepts job applications from everyone who wants to be part of this successful group. Students, recently graduated and jurists, having experience in various fields of the law, are welcomed to express their desire to collaborate with our company. Collaboration is not limited only in the justice field, extending to the entire business specter, because the high level of staff and the quality of the services provided to our clients is a priority for our company.

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ZiG Enfocement Service

  • Successful experience

  • Reliability and honestly

  • Efficient, timely and low cost application of justice

  • Functional organization and professional level

The first Enforcement Service

ZiG Enforcement Service is the first registered and licensed private company in Albania that provides services for the enforcement of court decisions and other enforceable acts. Our services are guided by the principles of professionalism, integrity, efficiency and respect for human rights. Creditors are free to choose the enforcement agents of their preference, while our goal remains that satisfied clients always come back to us.


We invite you to contact us for further information in:

ZiG Enforcement Service

Address: “Zogu I” Boulevard,
“Maliq Muço” Avenue Nr.1, “STAR” Business Center

Tirana - Albania

Tel: 04 2228468

Mob: +355 (0) 68 20 88824

Email: info@zig.al

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